Django Girls

Django Girls is an international organization started by two Polish women, Ola Sitarska and Ola Sendecka, to inspire women from all backgrounds to get interested in technology and to become programmers. They created a community that empowers women to organize free one-day programming workshops to bring more amazing women into the world of technology. Since 2014, an army of 2.009 volunteers in the Django Girls community organized 873 events. We’ve been to 502 cities in 90 countries (see them all on a map). A total of 20.113 incredible women attended events organized by members of our community.

Django Girls Groningen
Reindert-Jan Ekker brought Django Girls to Groningen City in 2015. Since then, Reindert-Jan has organized the event in collaboration with OTP and Misja Hoebe.

The next event will be held on saturday 2 November 2019 at Stadhuis Groningen!

Free workshop!

  • The workshop is for beginners so you don’t need to know anything about programming to participate.
  • We like to create a safe and friendly environment for women to learn code.
  • The workshop and software are completely free and we’ll help you install the software.
  • You will work in small groups of three and there is a coach for each group available.
  • During the day food and drinks will be provided.

If you’re a woman, want to learn programming, understand English and bring a laptop, you’re welcome at our event!

You can apply at the website:

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